Types of French bread

French bread is maybe one of the most delicious breads that in this world. We knew that France is a place where you can meet many delicious pastries. That is why; French bread is also coming with many kinds of bread in French language as well. It will be a little bit confusing if you were in France and want to order or buying a French bread. Below, we will share some information about the types of French bread, so you can buy the right one.

  • Pain a l’Ail. This is actually garlic bread. In France this bread can refer to any bread that is flavored and toasted with garlic. So, it has the taste of garlic on it.
  • Pain au Froment. This is a kind of breads that is made from 100% wheat flour.
  • Pain au Noix. This is nut bread that is usually made from whole wheat flour and also walnuts.
  • Pain Baguette. Maybe all of us know that this bread is the most popular French bread. The standard baguette is usually having 250 grams in weight and 70 cms long.
  • Pain Batard. This bread is also known with a bastard. This is a name that is used in boulangeries which they made their own bread. This is for any loafs which come out from the oven and it usually has an odd shape.
  • Pain Beignets. This is a French language of doughnuts. Actually, this doughnut is not as same as the American doughnut. The French doughnut is usually served for breakfast. From the past until this time, some families are still serving these pain beignets in their breakfast table.
  • Pain Beurree / Tartine Beurree. This is actually a sliced baguette or sliced of any French bread. This bread is usually served with butter alongside the café au lait or the French morning coffee.
  • Pain Bis. Pain bis is a standard white bread. The shapes can be different with the white bread that we usually find at home. However, all French people are using this name to refer the standard white bread.
  • Boule de Pain / Pain Boule. This is a round loaf. Actually, this is a kind of bread that was getting famous before the baguette.
  • Pain Brie. Pain Brie is classic cheat flour that comes from Normandy. This bread is made with some butter and it has no connection with Brie or the cheese.
  • Pain Brioche. Brioche is actually bread that is made from some ingredients such as butter, added egg and a little bit of sugar. Brioche also refers to bread that is stuffed with meats or Meanwhile, this is also the common bread that is served alongside the foie gras.
  • Pain Campagrain. This bread consists of much bread with different high fibers breads. This bread can use from about two up to five grains and it can be more. Some grains that are used are like the malted corn, rye, oats, wheat, barley and many more.

Office Pantry Design for Small Office

Designing a pantry at small office maybe seemed hard. Actually, you can do this if you paid attention to some rules in decorating a room at a small area. That is why; we will share some tips and guides in making the office pantry in a small office. So, let’s check it out. The most important thing in designing a pantry is furniture and lighting. Nowadays, there are many kinds of furniture theme that you can choose based on your liking. Some examples of those themes are the simple western style design, Japanese style and many more.

Colors Combination for Designing an Office Pantry

Wall color is one of the most important aspects in kitchen interior design. If you wanted to create the natural impression, you can choose the leaves’ colors on the pantry’s wall. Besides that, you can also try to use wallpaper for your office pantry. If you did not like the natural leaves color, you can pick the brown cream colors that can create a high class calmness impression.

Choosing the Right Furniture

As we already stated above, furniture is the other important aspect expect the wall colors that you need to consider. For a minimalist office pantry, it will be better for choosing the furniture with the same design. You can pick the furniture that is made from stainless steel if you want to get the strong, clean and elegant look. However, you may also choose the other furniture that is made from other material such as wood. You can combine the wood furniture with old green colors on the wall to get a natural impression.

Besides that, it is also better for choosing only the small furniture. What we mean here is that you may not choose too big furniture for your minimalist office pantry. For the example, it will be better to choose the medium size refrigerator instead of the big one. Why you have to do this? It is because this minimalist office pantry was built in a small space. Choosing not too big furniture will make a minimalist office pantry is wider.

The other thing that you need to consider is ventilation. You will need ventilation because it can create a fresh and good air circulation. On this case, you can choose a big or wide ventilation or window. It will make the office kitchen is looked wider. Besides that, this big or wide ventilation will make anyone feel comfortable in spending some times on an office pantry.

The most important thing is that you have to pick or choosing a design that suits you the most. Choose the design that suits with the type of your office and also suits with your needs. If you felt struggling in designing an office pantry, getting the help from experts is a smart idea. You can contact your interior design consultant and tell them about what you need and want. They will give their best advices in making beautiful and functional minimalist office pantry for your office.

Best Materials and Type of Chopsticks?

Chopstick is a tool that can be used to eat some foods like noodle. Chopstick is usually used by the East Asia people. Some countries that usually use chopsticks for their daily usage are China, Korea and Japan. It seems that most chopsticks are having the same type, but in fact it is not. They have the different type and characteristics that we will explain in the information below.

Type of Chopsticks

Chopsticks can be divided into some types such as:

  • China Chopstick. This chopstick was found in China for about 5000 years ago. Chopstick is a symbol of the human’s fingers that are longer and it is as a symbol that people are not afraid of hot or cold food. Most of the China chopsticks are made from Wood. It has a rectangular shape with not sharp tip. This chopstick is also longer and thicker but it is not as sharp as the Japan and Korea chopstick.
  • Japan Chopstick. Japan had already developed many kinds of chopsticks based on the functions. The chopsticks are differed by the functions such as for cooking, for certain a food, taking candies or even the chopsticks that are used for eating on a funeral ceremony. In the past, Japan chopstick is usually made from bones, metal and ivory (for special moment). Japan chopstick is usually rounded at its tip and it is shorter from the China chopstick. Japan chopsticks are also more colorful and it has more complicated design than the other types of chopsticks.
  • Korea Chopsticks. At some Korean restaurants, you will find some chopsticks are made from Stainless steel. This is different with the China and Japan that make their chopsticks from natural materials such as woods. We will also find that the Korea chopsticks are usually having round line that is located at the tip of a chopstick. Actually, this is done for reducing the slippery characteristic that is owned by metal materials. At the beginning, pure silver chopsticks are only used by the king. It is because the color of silver chopstick will be changed visually especially when there is a poison on that king’s food. The other different thing that you can find is that the Korea chopstick is the shortest chopstick than the other chopstick.

From the explanation above, we can conclude that chopsticks can be made from some materials such as wood, stainless steel, bamboo, plastic and many more. Some people said that the chopsticks that are made from wood or the other natural ingredients are better. It has some advantages such as not giving any bad impact at your food and these chopsticks are not slippery as well. However, some people are not like the taste that this chopstick at the food that it is contacted with. If you were one of these people, you can use the other chopsticks. Maybe the stainless steel chopstick is the best option because it safes enough and will not any impact on the taste of your food.

Effective Kitchen Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essentials oils are now always used by most people for cleaning some parts on their house. As we know that the true recipes of essentials oils can is a great weapon to clean some rooms such as bathroom, bedroom and also kitchen. Besides effective, the essentials oils are also natural. It can help you in replacing the toxic and clean it with natural way and affordable price. Essentials oils will be also not leaving any bad smell that maybe you can get from other chemical kitchen cleaners. Below, we will inform more about the effective kitchen cleaning with essential oils that may beneficial for you.

For cleaning kitchen, you can make your own essentials oils or we call it a DIY essential oil. This is usually made from black pepper. It will work really well for cleaning your kitchen. This recipe was found by two researchers name Karsha and Laksmi. They found that black pepper essentials oils are really effective to against some bacteria such as:

  • Staphylococcus aureus bacteria
  • Bacillus cereus
  • Streptococcus faecalis
  • E- Coli Bacteria
  • The Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacteria
  • Salmonella typhi or Salmonella

Based on these facts, we can clearly see that black peppers essentials oils are really beneficial for helping us in cleaning our kitchen. It has a possibility to clean some bacteria like what we stated above. It can make our kitchen cleaner and also healthier because those kinds of bacterial will be not mixed together in a food that we cooked.

How to make the effective essentials oils for cleaning your kitchen

To make this black pepper essential is really easy. You just need to prepare the black pepper and pair it with citrus oils. This citrus oil can be made from some ingredients such as bergamot, orange, lemon, grapefruit. This is the best recipe that you can have to clean your kitchen. Meanwhile for the kitchen’s floor, you can make the essential oils from different ingredients. You can make your own essentials oils from homemade carpet deodorizer with essential oils. This recipe is great for cleaning your kitchen’ floor whether your floor is made from carpet or hardwood. If your floor was from carpet, you can use this essential oil for once in a month. Meanwhile for tile or hardwood floor, you can add lemon essential oil on this recipe. This lemon essential oil can give the other benefits besides freshen your floor. This lemon essential oil is an effective agent to dissolve some marks and dirt.

How about for the furniture? If your kitchen cabinets are made from wood, you can make the essential oil that is made from sweet orange, lemon and cedar wood essential oils. Besides effective for cleaning, this recipe can leave great aroma. You can also make the natural furniture polish for your kitchen furniture that is made from wood. This polish recipe is made from beeswax and essentials oils from lemon. These essential oils are really easy to make and it can give a great result in cleaning your kitchen.

9 Essential Kitchen Tools Every College Student Needs

College student cannot be separated from cooking activity. However, most of the college students sometimes confuse in choosing the right and effective kitchen tools that they can use daily. If you were on this situation, we will give some information about 9 important kitchen tools that every college student must have. So, check this out.

  1. Mixing Bowls

College students will net a mixing bowl to make some simple foods such as scrambled eggs. They can also use this mixing bowl to make many other meals that can be cooked for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The most important thing is that you need to choose a BPA free mixing bowl. It is also better if you chosen the dishwater safe mixing bowl and that is durable enough to be used for an electric mixer.

  1. Frying Pan

After you got a mixing bowl, frying pan is the next important thing that a new college student should have. You can choose some frying pans that are made from ceramic, stainless steel, etc. it is better for purchasing frying pan that is safe for food, heat resistant for high temperatures (usually you will get it on ceramic frying pan), and PFOA free and have a light weight. Meanwhile for the size, you can choose based on your need. However, for college students choosing the small or medium size frying pan is better.

  1. Knives, Forks and Spoons

For the kitchen utensils, knives, forks and spoons are really important utensils that a college student must have. For these utensils, you have to choose the utensils with reasonable price and great quality. Meanwhile for the price, choosing forks and spoons that are made from steel or stainless steel are better.

  1. Spatula

Spatula will be really helpful to pick some foods on a frying pan. Some special spatula, such as plastic spatula, will be essential for you who love to bake.

  1. Pizza Slicer

Pizza slicer is maybe not seemed really essentials, but in fact many college students really need this tool.

  1. Slow Cooker

In fact, slow cooker can help you to make some delicious meals and the good news is that most of these foods are cheap. A simple recipe that you can try is that you can put some beans, ground beef, tomato sauce and presto on a slow cooker.

  1. Microwave

All of us knew that Microwave is an important and beneficial tool to make some simple and delicious meal in a quick time.

  1. Blender

The other “magic” tool that a college student must have is blender. Blender is beneficial for making some foods and beverages such as smoothies, juices, blend some ingredients and many more. Besides that, blender is inexpensive.

  1. Coffee Maker

Drinking coffee is now not only a usual activity, but it is becoming a trend especially for the young people such as college students. If you loved to drink coffee, you have to purchase a coffee maker so that it can help you to save more money.

How to Cook Perfect Popcorn Snack

Popcorn is one of the best snacks that you can enjoy at your spare time. It is a crunchy snack that can make your stomach is full. Popcorn is one of the most popular snacks that is loved by most people in this world and this is a great snack that people are always enjoy while watching a movie in a movie theatre. Making popcorn is seemed really easy, but in fact it needs some methods to make it perfectly cooked especially if you wanted to mix it with some flavors. What always happened is that the popcorn that we always find and purchase in a cinema is usually taste better and more delicious than our home made popcorn. Below are some tips to make the perfect popcorn that you can do at home.

Popcorn can be made by using some cookware such as microwave, frying pan or pressure cooker. On this article, we will talk more in how to make delicious and perfectly cooked popcorn by using stove and common pan. You will need a spoon of butter or oil form making popcorn. It is usually can be used for frying ½ cup of corn seed. In cooking this popcorn, you have to cover it with any covers. Make sure that it is perfectly covered and there is only a small open hole. After you hear a special sound that is called the popping sound, you have to shake the pan so that the corn will be not burnt. This is an important step, but unfortunately many people forget to do this step. If you heard that the popping sound is slower, it is a great sign to know that popcorn is cooked perfectly. Move it to a wide bowl and let it cool. Do not cover that bowl when popcorn is still hot.

Besides enjoying the original taste of popcorn, you can also add some flavors on that popcorn. Some variations that you can make are like the caramel popcorn, salty popcorn, sweet popcorn and many more recipes that you can get from many sources. You can also make a variation on that popcorn such as adding some other ingredients such as butter and honey. It is really easy to make this recipe. First of all, you have to make the original popcorn and let it cool. While the popcorn is popping, you can melt the butter and then add some honey. Pour this butter and honey over your popcorn and sprinkle it with some salt based on your liking. Toast it completely. For making you easier you can use a large paper bag for toasting the popcorn. Now you have delicious popcorn like what you always see and find at the cinema.

Those are some tips that you can do to make perfect popcorn. Making popcorn is not that hard, so you can do it by yourself at home.

The Best Way to Clean a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel is a kind of materials that is used on most kitchen utensils such as sink. This is a friendly materials and it is safe as well. One problem that a person is always had on stainless steel sink is to clean that sink. Is it that hard? Below are some best ways that you can do to clean your stainless steel sink perfectly.

First way that you can do is that by making your own cleaner that is made from baking soda and water. You can also possible to remove some scratches by using this cleaner liquid with very fine steel wool. You just need to simply wash the residue away and then continue it with the rest of your cleaning.

How if you wanted to remove the water spot? You just need to dip your sponge in white vinegar. This is also could be used for removing some rusts. It will be really beneficial if your stainless steel has crusties problem. If you founded some stubborn stains, you can use the mixture of 3 parts tar tar cream to a part of hydrogen peroxide. After that, buff it with a clean cloth. Let this mixture sit and let it dry before you whip it away with a wet sponge or wet cloth.

The other thing that you can do is that giving an extra kick for your stainless sink. This is a further action that is usually done by many people on their stainless steel sink. For this case you can use the all purpose flour that you can easily purchase on minimarke. First of all, toss a few table spoons of this flour into the stainless steel sink. After that, rub it. Usually you will need to add some pressures and you can use the soft cloth for this action. If you did not have the all purpose flour, you can use the club soda. For this case, you can simply put a stopper in drain and pour some. After that, buff it around with a soft cloth or the other clean cloth. Dry it to prevent the water spots when it was already done.

How if you wanted to give an extra shine on your stainless steel sink? We knew that some people want to see their stainless steel sink is shining after it was cleaned. For this case, you can apply some few drops of baby oil that you can buy on stores or market. Drop the baby oil into a paper towel and then buff it around your stainless steel sink. Do it until the stainless steel is looked shinier. This is really a simple and perfect trick to keep your stainless steel sink always span and spic. So, those are some simple tips and actions that you can do to clean your stainless steel sink. These tips are really easy to do and it will make your cleaning activity is much more easier and more fun as well.

The Right Way to Cook Vegetables

Cooking vegetables is not easy. You need the right method to keep all the nutrition so that they will give many health benefits for your body. Actually, the best way to eat vegetables is without cook them. However, eating raw vegetables is maybe not suitable for some people such as a pregnant woman. That is why; below we will share some tips for you to cook vegetables in the right way.

Grilling the Vegetables

The vegetables skin will keep all the nutrition that is contained on them. While grilling, vegetables have to be completed with enough water contains so the vegetables won’t be dried. Vegetables that come from the roots family such as potatoes, onion and tomatoes are the best vegetables that can be cooked with grilling method.

Steaming the Vegetables

Cooking vegetables with steaming method is the best way that you can do. This is the best way to cook all the types of vegetables. Steaming can retain the nutrition and it can cook the vegetables in a short way.

High Pressure Cooking Method

Cooking vegetables in high pressure cooking method will be shortening the cooking time so it can keep the nutrition. However, you have to choose vegetable that has a perfect texture to use this cooking method. It is because some kinds of vegetables can be broken and overcook if they were cooked with high pressure method. Overall, high pressure cooking is not a good way to cook vegetables.


Frying vegetables on a pan is a quick way to cook vegetables. You can use many kinds of oils and the best oil is vegetables oil. However, you have to remember that while cooking vegetables with oil, there is a possibility that some vitamins that are moved from vegetables to the oil. That is why; it is better for not throwing away that oil after you were finished cooking.

Cooking without Water

This cooking method is perfect for green leaves vegetables. You can rely on water that is attached on that vegetable when they were washed. Usually you will need for about three up to five minutes long in this cooking method.

Boiling Vegetables

Boiling vegetables is a way that is mostly not recommended because this method can erase the nutrition. If you had to apply this cooking method, you can add the vegetables only when the water is already boiled. Some special tips in boiling vegetables are:

  • Let water is boiled for about two minutes until the amount of oxygen is reduced. It is because oxygen is a substance that can erase the vitamin c that is contained by some vegetables.
  • Never straightly boiling the vegetables that was previously placed on the cold water. It will reduce the amount of vitamin c for about 10 up to 12 times. In the other words this can give more risk in loosing many vitamins C than the other cooking methods.

Those are some tips that you can do in cooking vegetables. Now you knew the best cooking method that can save the nutrition of some vegetables.

Tips in Choosing and Purchasing Kitchen Set

In almost all the furniture stores, we can find many products of kitchen set with varied kinds, quality and of course price. These diversities can make us confuse in choosing the right kitchen set that suits with our needs. For some people who are not having any knowledge about interior design they maybe will choose the prettiest kitchen set. Unfortunately, sometimes it will not give the right benefits for them. Below are some tips from the experts in choosing the right kitchen set based on your needs.

Make a List

Before purchasing or ordering a kitchen set, it will be better for us to make a simple list about the kinds of activities that can be done by all family members in a kitchen. Besides that, we have to pay attention on the space that we have for our kitchen. It is important to measure the size of kitchen set that we can buy.

Considering the Kitchen Floor

It means that we have to make sure that the base or floor of our kitchen is strong enough to hold the weight of kitchen set. It is really recommended for applying the materials for our kitchen floor that are having a great durability from hot steams and water. Besides that, that material has to be easily cleaned.

Make the Design of Our Kitchen

Making the ordered position is also a thing that we need to consider. Kitchen appliances are usually consisted of stove, kitchen sink, cabinets and many more. We need to draw a design about where those appliances will be placed. It will make our cooking activity is much easier and more fun. It is also becoming an essential part to choose the right kitchen set.

Count the Amount of Cabinets

The next thing that you have to consider is that the amount of cabinets and rack that you will need in your kitchen. You may not choose the cabinets with too many racks, it will make your kitchen is looked really full.

Choose the Materials of Kitchen Set

Material that was used to make a kitchen set is something that you need to consider as well. You have to choose the materials of kitchen set that suits with your budget and needs. There are many kinds of woods that can be used to make a kitchen set. Each of them has its own characteristics. That is why; you have to be detail in choosing those materials that suit with your needs.

Cooker Hood for Your Kitchen

If we wanted to apply a kitchen set, it is better for you to complete it with a cooker hood. It is essential because cooker hood can absorb the hot steam that is created by cooking process. Those steams and smokes will be thrown away from your kitchen. Besides making good air circulation, cooker hood will also make your furniture have better durability than before. That is why; before purchasing a kitchen set, you have to consider applying a cooker hood as well.

Why Choose an Electric Kettle over a Traditional

Innovation will be always come in this world, especially when we talked about technology. As we knew that technology will be developed from time to time and it will become more modern. What is the main aim from this innovation? The answer is so easy, people are trying to make something new to make their life is much easier and more efficient.

We will see some innovations not only on some popular technologies such as television, mobile phone and many more, but also in the kitchen utensils. One of the kitchen utensils that get this innovation is kettle. This is an electric kettle that is claimed as a useful thing to make your time in the kitchen is much effective than before.

Electric kettle is a kitchen utensil that is really efficient because it can boil water in a short time. In the other words we can say that the electric kettle can give you an instant result. This thing is really different with the traditional kettle because you have to boil water again and again and even during last decade.

Boiling the water will be really easy if you used this electric kettle. It is also a truth that basically the electric kettle is better than the traditional kettle. Electric kettle is an essential appliance that you can meet in the kitchen. This device is so easy to use because you just need to plug the cable into a power outlet to use this electric kettle. Besides that, electric kettles have varied models that are available in the market. That is why; you can choose or purchasing the electric kettle based on your needs and condition. Choose one that is suitable or can be placed conveniently on your kitchen table. You can use it directly for boiling water and use that water to make some delicious hot drink.

The other reason why the electric kettle is better than the traditional kettle is because of its security aspect. There is fact that a customer was ever burn the bottom of the traditional kettle and he nearly dripped the molten metal on his feet when he tried to rescue it. Some other benefits of electric kettle that you can get are:

  • There is a small stand that you can find on the electric kettle and it can make you easier to walk with it anywhere.
  • Some electric kettles have less electricity since the element is straightly immersed in the water.
  • The electric kettle is one of the most efficient appliances that you can meet in the kitchen.
  • Electric kettle can boil or heat water much faster than the traditional kettle
  • Electric kettle can be automatically turned off when the water is boiling. It will not waste any energy and this reason will make the electric kettle will not dry themselves. In the other words we can say that electric kettle is more secure than the traditional kettle.