Best Materials and Type of Chopsticks?

Chopstick is a tool that can be used to eat some foods like noodle. Chopstick is usually used by the East Asia people. Some countries that usually use chopsticks for their daily usage are China, Korea and Japan. It seems that most chopsticks are having the same type, but in fact it is not. They have the different type and characteristics that we will explain in the information below.

Type of Chopsticks

Chopsticks can be divided into some types such as:

  • China Chopstick. This chopstick was found in China for about 5000 years ago. Chopstick is a symbol of the human’s fingers that are longer and it is as a symbol that people are not afraid of hot or cold food. Most of the China chopsticks are made from Wood. It has a rectangular shape with not sharp tip. This chopstick is also longer and thicker but it is not as sharp as the Japan and Korea chopstick.
  • Japan Chopstick. Japan had already developed many kinds of chopsticks based on the functions. The chopsticks are differed by the functions such as for cooking, for certain a food, taking candies or even the chopsticks that are used for eating on a funeral ceremony. In the past, Japan chopstick is usually made from bones, metal and ivory (for special moment). Japan chopstick is usually rounded at its tip and it is shorter from the China chopstick. Japan chopsticks are also more colorful and it has more complicated design than the other types of chopsticks.
  • Korea Chopsticks. At some Korean restaurants, you will find some chopsticks are made from Stainless steel. This is different with the China and Japan that make their chopsticks from natural materials such as woods. We will also find that the Korea chopsticks are usually having round line that is located at the tip of a chopstick. Actually, this is done for reducing the slippery characteristic that is owned by metal materials. At the beginning, pure silver chopsticks are only used by the king. It is because the color of silver chopstick will be changed visually especially when there is a poison on that king’s food. The other different thing that you can find is that the Korea chopstick is the shortest chopstick than the other chopstick.

From the explanation above, we can conclude that chopsticks can be made from some materials such as wood, stainless steel, bamboo, plastic and many more. Some people said that the chopsticks that are made from wood or the other natural ingredients are better. It has some advantages such as not giving any bad impact at your food and these chopsticks are not slippery as well. However, some people are not like the taste that this chopstick at the food that it is contacted with. If you were one of these people, you can use the other chopsticks. Maybe the stainless steel chopstick is the best option because it safes enough and will not any impact on the taste of your food.