Office Pantry Design for Small Office

Designing a pantry at small office maybe seemed hard. Actually, you can do this if you paid attention to some rules in decorating a room at a small area. That is why; we will share some tips and guides in making the office pantry in a small office. So, let’s check it out. The most important thing in designing a pantry is furniture and lighting. Nowadays, there are many kinds of furniture theme that you can choose based on your liking. Some examples of those themes are the simple western style design, Japanese style and many more.

Colors Combination for Designing an Office Pantry

Wall color is one of the most important aspects in kitchen interior design. If you wanted to create the natural impression, you can choose the leaves’ colors on the pantry’s wall. Besides that, you can also try to use wallpaper for your office pantry. If you did not like the natural leaves color, you can pick the brown cream colors that can create a high class calmness impression.

Choosing the Right Furniture

As we already stated above, furniture is the other important aspect expect the wall colors that you need to consider. For a minimalist office pantry, it will be better for choosing the furniture with the same design. You can pick the furniture that is made from stainless steel if you want to get the strong, clean and elegant look. However, you may also choose the other furniture that is made from other material such as wood. You can combine the wood furniture with old green colors on the wall to get a natural impression.

Besides that, it is also better for choosing only the small furniture. What we mean here is that you may not choose too big furniture for your minimalist office pantry. For the example, it will be better to choose the medium size refrigerator instead of the big one. Why you have to do this? It is because this minimalist office pantry was built in a small space. Choosing not too big furniture will make a minimalist office pantry is wider.

The other thing that you need to consider is ventilation. You will need ventilation because it can create a fresh and good air circulation. On this case, you can choose a big or wide ventilation or window. It will make the office kitchen is looked wider. Besides that, this big or wide ventilation will make anyone feel comfortable in spending some times on an office pantry.

The most important thing is that you have to pick or choosing a design that suits you the most. Choose the design that suits with the type of your office and also suits with your needs. If you felt struggling in designing an office pantry, getting the help from experts is a smart idea. You can contact your interior design consultant and tell them about what you need and want. They will give their best advices in making beautiful and functional minimalist office pantry for your office.