Baking Bread for Breakfast

Preparing a breakfast meal for our family can be really struggling. It is because we have to prepare a delicious and quick food for breakfast. One of the most popular ingredients that is usually used or cooked for breakfast is bread and bake bread is maybe the easiest recipe that you can practice. As we know that eating the plain breads with jam every day can be boring. That is why; baking bread is a great solution.

For making baking bread, you just need to use the usual plain bread and some other ingredients for the fillings such as the peanut jam, pineapple jam, strawberry jam, full cream milk, egg, messes, chocolate, sausages and also cheese. Baked bread is a simple snack, but in fact this is a kind of menu that is served on some cafes and restaurant. Actually, you can buy the baked bread on those cafes and restaurants, but making your own baked bread is more economically and healthier as well. Besides that, you can also make your own recipe or combination every day that will make your breakfast meal is not boring.

On this occasion we will share some recipes and methods in baking bread for breakfast. So, check this out.

Simple Baked Bread in Sandwich Style

For making this recipe, you just need to prepare some ingredients such as:

  • 6 pieces of sandwich breads
  • A big tomatoes, slice it into 6 parts
  • 3 pieces of cheddar cheeses
  • 3 lettuces leaves
  • Mayonnaise and tomato sauces or chili sauces
  • 3 boiled eggs

To make this recipe, you just need to take a piece of sandwich bread. Arrange the other ingredients above that bread such as the cheese, eggs, lettuces, tomatoes and mayonnaise. Then finish it with the other bread and it is ready to enjoy.

That is a recipe that you can make if you loved sandwich so much. Besides that recipe, you can also make the other baked breads combination. For example, you can bake some bread and add it with the other ingredients such as messes or chocolates and cheese. If you liked, you can add some full cream milk. You can also make the bake beans and add some flavors on it, such as some jams and many more.

Actually, baking breads for breakfast is an easy thing to do. You can combine it with the other toppings and ingredients. For making the breads are healthier, you can add some ingredients such as fruits like strawberry, banana that is combined with chocolate and many more. Besides that, you can also prepare a glass of milk when you had a breakfast with this menu. It will make you are becoming healthier and full of energy every morning. Try to combine the breads with the other ingredients that contain much nutrition. Try to make different recipes every day, so you and your family will always enjoy the new recipes everyday and they will be not boring.

Ice Cream from All around the World

Every country has special ice cream that is made from special ingredients and recipes. There are some countries that use local ingredients as their signature ice cream, such as purple cassava. There are also some countries that sell ice cream with a unique way and method. That is why; the ice cream’s characteristic can be different between a country and the other country. Below we will share about some unique and delicious ice cream from all over the world.

  1. Akutaq from Alaska

We knew that Alaska is a really cold place, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot find any ice cream here. This place has a unique ice cream named akutaq. This ice cream is also called the Eskimo ice cream. This is an ice cream that is made from the animals’ fat, such as from the sea dog, caribou and many more. This ice cream can be made traditionally or with modern way. If it was made with modern method, the animals’ fat is replaced with Crisco. There are also some topping options that you can choose based on certain season, such as the salmonberry and blueberry.

  1. Foie Gras Ice Cream from France

France can turn the ice cream into more classy ice cream, like the foie gras ice cream that we can try there. This ice cream uses the frozen duck’s heart that is changed becomes custard with some additions such as wine, sugar, egg yolk, butter and cream. Mostly, this ice cream is served like a sandwich by using two ginger cakes as the buns.

  1. Kulfi from India

Kulfi is a traditional ice cream from India that is made from full cream milk, sugar and some exotic local ingredients. Some addition flavors that you can find are such as saffron and mangoes. This popular frozen dessert in India has a close texture like custard than like an ice cream. Traditionally, you can buy this ice cream on many traditional markets in India. However, nowadays this is so easy to see this ice cream on some minimarket as well.

  1. Es Puter from Indonesia

Es puter is a traditional ice cream from Indonesia that is not using milk as its ingredient. Es puter is also called es dung dung that is made from some basic ingredients such as milk to replace the milk. The freezing process is done traditionally with a cube tool that will be shaking on the ice blocks and salt. Es puter is usually served with the ice cream cone or breads.

  1. Faloodeh from Iran

This is classic ice cream that had already made since 400 before century. This ice cream can have a texture like custard that is made from some ingredients such as egg yolk, cream and sugar. However sometimes this ice cream is like the ice flakes with the usage of rice or the corn flour. This dessert can be added with some flavors such as saffron, rose water, lemon and also the pistachio nuts. This is a really unique ice cream that you have to try.

Article about Healthy Smoothies

Smoothie is a beverage that is made from some main ingredients such as fruits and vegetables that are blended together until it gets the smooth texture. You can add some ice blocks on it or some other flavors such as chocolate, honey, fruits syrup or even ice cream. Smoothie is maybe the most favorite drink for some people because it is delicious and it is easy to be varied with the other flavor. Smoothie is also a perfect beverage for you who are in a diet program and it can be a detoxification method.

If smoothie was consumed with proper schedule and way based on the detoxification diet guidance, smoothie can help our body to erase some toxics from our body and sent it out from our body. Do you want to make some delicious recipes in making the unique fruit smoothies? You have to read the article above because we will share some recipes for you.

  1. Yellow Smoothie that is made from tropical fruits.

Tropical fruits are so refreshing and they have a unique taste that is really delicious. You can make a yellow smoothie from these fruits by adding for about 100 ml of lemon water or pineapple water to a blender. Then you can add 100 ml of plain milk or plain yoghurt and a banana that was already sliced. You can also add the other ingredients such as 50 grams sliced pineapples and 50 grams of sliced mangoes. If you liked, you can add some smooth ginger and then blend all these ingredients together until you get the smooth texture. After that, place it on a glass and a delicious smoothie is ready to drink.

  1. Orange Smoothie

The second option of delicious smoothie that you can make is the orange smoothie. You can make it from 100 ml of lemon water, 100 ml yoghurt with vanilla flavor, 50 grams sliced carrots, 50 grams peeled orange and 50 grams of sliced pear. Blend all these ingredients together and place it to a glass.

  1. Red Smoothie

This delicious red smoothie can be made from some ingredients such as 100 ml plain yoghurt or plain milk, 100 gram raspberry, 175 gram strawberry and 50 grams of peeled melon. Blend all these ingredients together until you get a smooth texture. Move it to a glass and it is ready to drink.

  1. Purple Smoothie

This purple smoothie is rich with antioxidant. You can make it by bled some ingredients such as 100 ml pomegranate juice, 100 ml milk or plain yoghurt, 100 gram blackberry, 75 grams blueberry and 50 grams of fresh cherry. Blend all these ingredients together by using a blender and move it to a glass. It can be the right choice for you that have a healthy and delicious smoothie.

Those are some recipes of healthy and delicious smoothies that you can make every day. For having a healthier smoothie, you can reduce the amount of sweetener that is used.

How to Care For and Maintain Your Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are the kitchen utensils that cannot be separated from kitchen. This tool is always used and touched the ingredients directly. That is why; you need to pay attention the durability of the kitchen knives. Actually, there are some easy and simple tips that you can do to treat your kitchen knives. Below are some tips that you can do to care and maintain your kitchen knives in a proper way.

  1. First of all, try for not cutting too hard ingredients. Some examples of hard ingredients that you may not cut by using the usual knife are such as bones and many more. Cutting some hard ingredients can break your knives. This break can make the bad result if you slicing something. Besides that your knives will be not sharp again and it will be difficult to cut or slicing something. However, if you had to cut some hard ingredients like bones, you can use some knives that are specially designed to cut the hard ingredients.
  2. The second tips that you can do is by directly wash your knives after it was used. This is an important thing to do, but most people are forgetting this. This thing can avoid the rust on the knives. You have to wash the knives straightly after you cut some acid ingredients. The rusted knives are dangerous to use because the rust can attach to the ingredients that are cut and this is not good for our health. That is why; it is really important to wash your knives and dry it with clean cloth to avoid the rust.
  3. Keep or store the knives in a secure place. You can keep the knives on the knives holder. If you did not have the knife holder, you can keep it on the clean and closed cabinets so the kids will not able to reach it. It is better to secure the sharp part of the knives and it is not a great idea for hanging the knives with the sharp part at the bottom. Why it is not recommended? It is because the children can easily reach it and the sharp part of the knives can harm the children.
  4. The other important tip that you have to do is by treating the knives with the proper here. What we mean here is that you have to use the knives based on its function. For example, you can use the bread knife for only slicing the breads or cake. Do not use this knife for slicing the other ingredients. If you did this, you will break this knife because it is not used properly.

Those are some proper treatments that you can do to your kitchen knives. All of these treatments will make your knives are always having great performance; it will not having some rust and it will not harm your children as well.