The Best Way to Clean a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel is a kind of materials that is used on most kitchen utensils such as sink. This is a friendly materials and it is safe as well. One problem that a person is always had on stainless steel sink is to clean that sink. Is it that hard? Below are some best ways that you can do to clean your stainless steel sink perfectly.

First way that you can do is that by making your own cleaner that is made from baking soda and water. You can also possible to remove some scratches by using this cleaner liquid with very fine steel wool. You just need to simply wash the residue away and then continue it with the rest of your cleaning.

How if you wanted to remove the water spot? You just need to dip your sponge in white vinegar. This is also could be used for removing some rusts. It will be really beneficial if your stainless steel has crusties problem. If you founded some stubborn stains, you can use the mixture of 3 parts tar tar cream to a part of hydrogen peroxide. After that, buff it with a clean cloth. Let this mixture sit and let it dry before you whip it away with a wet sponge or wet cloth.

The other thing that you can do is that giving an extra kick for your stainless sink. This is a further action that is usually done by many people on their stainless steel sink. For this case you can use the all purpose flour that you can easily purchase on minimarke. First of all, toss a few table spoons of this flour into the stainless steel sink. After that, rub it. Usually you will need to add some pressures and you can use the soft cloth for this action. If you did not have the all purpose flour, you can use the club soda. For this case, you can simply put a stopper in drain and pour some. After that, buff it around with a soft cloth or the other clean cloth. Dry it to prevent the water spots when it was already done.

How if you wanted to give an extra shine on your stainless steel sink? We knew that some people want to see their stainless steel sink is shining after it was cleaned. For this case, you can apply some few drops of baby oil that you can buy on stores or market. Drop the baby oil into a paper towel and then buff it around your stainless steel sink. Do it until the stainless steel is looked shinier. This is really a simple and perfect trick to keep your stainless steel sink always span and spic. So, those are some simple tips and actions that you can do to clean your stainless steel sink. These tips are really easy to do and it will make your cleaning activity is much more easier and more fun as well.