The Right Way to Cook Vegetables

Cooking vegetables is not easy. You need the right method to keep all the nutrition so that they will give many health benefits for your body. Actually, the best way to eat vegetables is without cook them. However, eating raw vegetables is maybe not suitable for some people such as a pregnant woman. That is why; below we will share some tips for you to cook vegetables in the right way.

Grilling the Vegetables

The vegetables skin will keep all the nutrition that is contained on them. While grilling, vegetables have to be completed with enough water contains so the vegetables won’t be dried. Vegetables that come from the roots family such as potatoes, onion and tomatoes are the best vegetables that can be cooked with grilling method.

Steaming the Vegetables

Cooking vegetables with steaming method is the best way that you can do. This is the best way to cook all the types of vegetables. Steaming can retain the nutrition and it can cook the vegetables in a short way.

High Pressure Cooking Method

Cooking vegetables in high pressure cooking method will be shortening the cooking time so it can keep the nutrition. However, you have to choose vegetable that has a perfect texture to use this cooking method. It is because some kinds of vegetables can be broken and overcook if they were cooked with high pressure method. Overall, high pressure cooking is not a good way to cook vegetables.


Frying vegetables on a pan is a quick way to cook vegetables. You can use many kinds of oils and the best oil is vegetables oil. However, you have to remember that while cooking vegetables with oil, there is a possibility that some vitamins that are moved from vegetables to the oil. That is why; it is better for not throwing away that oil after you were finished cooking.

Cooking without Water

This cooking method is perfect for green leaves vegetables. You can rely on water that is attached on that vegetable when they were washed. Usually you will need for about three up to five minutes long in this cooking method.

Boiling Vegetables

Boiling vegetables is a way that is mostly not recommended because this method can erase the nutrition. If you had to apply this cooking method, you can add the vegetables only when the water is already boiled. Some special tips in boiling vegetables are:

  • Let water is boiled for about two minutes until the amount of oxygen is reduced. It is because oxygen is a substance that can erase the vitamin c that is contained by some vegetables.
  • Never straightly boiling the vegetables that was previously placed on the cold water. It will reduce the amount of vitamin c for about 10 up to 12 times. In the other words this can give more risk in loosing many vitamins C than the other cooking methods.

Those are some tips that you can do in cooking vegetables. Now you knew the best cooking method that can save the nutrition of some vegetables.