Types of French bread

French bread is maybe one of the most delicious breads that in this world. We knew that France is a place where you can meet many delicious pastries. That is why; French bread is also coming with many kinds of bread in French language as well. It will be a little bit confusing if you were in France and want to order or buying a French bread. Below, we will share some information about the types of French bread, so you can buy the right one.

  • Pain a l’Ail. This is actually garlic bread. In France this bread can refer to any bread that is flavored and toasted with garlic. So, it has the taste of garlic on it.
  • Pain au Froment. This is a kind of breads that is made from 100% wheat flour.
  • Pain au Noix. This is nut bread that is usually made from whole wheat flour and also walnuts.
  • Pain Baguette. Maybe all of us know that this bread is the most popular French bread. The standard baguette is usually having 250 grams in weight and 70 cms long.
  • Pain Batard. This bread is also known with a bastard. This is a name that is used in boulangeries which they made their own bread. This is for any loafs which come out from the oven and it usually has an odd shape.
  • Pain Beignets. This is a French language of doughnuts. Actually, this doughnut is not as same as the American doughnut. The French doughnut is usually served for breakfast. From the past until this time, some families are still serving these pain beignets in their breakfast table.
  • Pain Beurree / Tartine Beurree. This is actually a sliced baguette or sliced of any French bread. This bread is usually served with butter alongside the café au lait or the French morning coffee.
  • Pain Bis. Pain bis is a standard white bread. The shapes can be different with the white bread that we usually find at home. However, all French people are using this name to refer the standard white bread.
  • Boule de Pain / Pain Boule. This is a round loaf. Actually, this is a kind of bread that was getting famous before the baguette.
  • Pain Brie. Pain Brie is classic cheat flour that comes from Normandy. This bread is made with some butter and it has no connection with Brie or the cheese.
  • Pain Brioche. Brioche is actually bread that is made from some ingredients such as butter, added egg and a little bit of sugar. Brioche also refers to bread that is stuffed with meats or Meanwhile, this is also the common bread that is served alongside the foie gras.
  • Pain Campagrain. This bread consists of much bread with different high fibers breads. This bread can use from about two up to five grains and it can be more. Some grains that are used are like the malted corn, rye, oats, wheat, barley and many more.